Pending free agent Josh Hart would 'love' to stay with Knicks

Josh Hart
Josh Hart / Vincent Carchietta - USA TODAY Sports

In the immediate aftermath following the Knicks' acquisition of Josh Hart from the Portland Trail Blazers, it felt like the pending free agent wanted to remain in New York beyond this season.

In the ensuing weeks, Hart -- who is currently living on the Upper West Side -- has become the Knicks' glue guy as the team has soared with him. And in listening to Hart speak, it seems that this is just the beginning for him in the city.

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"I want bigger things for my wife and myself," Hart told Marc J. Spears of Andscape. "Just find a home somewhere where we are valued and really like living there. And I think that can be New York. I would love for it to be New York and hopefully the organization feels the same way. Coming up, this contract is hopefully my biggest one, one where I’m making sure my family’s fully taken care of. So, I’ve also got to take that into account, too."

A Maryland native, Hart said Portland was "good," but noted how far it was from his home. Additionally, Hart's wife, Shannon, doesn't like flying, which meant she was kind of stuck in place during their time with the Blazers. The couple are expecting twins in about three months.

"We love the Upper West Side, but them brownstones are expensive as [expletive],” Hart said. "It’s crazy. So, I’ll probably be a Westchester guy. But this summer, hopefully, everything goes well and maybe I’ll be a Westchester guy and find a nice little country club somewhere, play some golf."

The 28-year-old, who has endeared himself to Knicks fans with his energetic, infectious play, also discussed the allure of Madison Square Garden.

"Obviously, being able to suit up in that blue and orange and that atmosphere, the vibe is different,” Hart said. "It just gives you more energy and you feed off the crowd. They’re fantastic and it’s my favorite place to play. Oh, man, I can’t imagine right now what MSG will be like in the playoffs. Obviously, I hope that we get there and bring the playoffs home. The league is better when the Knicks are good, and we can get playoffs with MSG. It’s just different."