Peacock to air Wild Card playoff game exclusively

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss the news Peacock will be the exclusive home to livestream a Wild Card playoff game on Saturday, January 13, 2024 for the first time in NFL history.

Video Transcript


- There is the announcement that came late yesterday afternoon. As we were in a meeting at NBC, we found out.

- I didn't know.

- We found out.

- You were paying attention to your phone. I was listening to the people in the meeting.

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- Some of us already knew about it. We found out.


- They only wake you up for the unimportant meetings. We found out that Peacock will present a Saturday night NFL Wild Card game. January 13, 2024 NBC has a late afternoon game on NBC, that spills over into a Peacock-only game on Saturday night, and NBC has a game the next day. First time ever the same network or family of networks has three games on a playoff week.

- We got a busy weekend. What do we pay? $1 billion for that streaming game?

- Not quite that.

- Oh, OK.

- The "Wall Street Journal" reports it was $110 million for one game.


- Damn. Now I know why they squeezed me at the last contract talk. [LAUGHTER]

- I got an email today too from Tim. "Just curious if you're going to at least mention that the Peacock NBC collaboration is going to have a playoff game on pay-per-view only. You talked about this a month or two ago, and now you haven't. Just curious if you will talk about your station screwing over fans by making them have to buy a subscription to Peacock to watch a game." Yes, Tim. We're talking about it. And let me say this.

- This is where I lay out let Mike go.

- Look, because here's what's going to happen because I'm going to get all the emails. Thanks a lot, NBC, because I make myself available. They're all complaining to me already about it, but that's fine because you know what my response is? You know what my response is? You're going to huff, and you're going to puff, and then you're going to sign up for Peacock. You know why you're going to sign up for Peacock? It's $4.99 a month, or $49.99 for the whole year, and there's a ton of great content on there, dare I say, a shitload of great content on Peacock. We're on Peacock. OK.


- Enough said.

- Enough said, but there's a lot of great stuff there. And here's the other argument I've gotten. Well, I've just got too many of these streaming services. You haven't signed up for them for life. They're very easy to manage your subscriptions. Have you ever tried it? You can dump Netflix like that. You can dump Hulu like that. It takes seconds to end your subscription. You can dump Peacock quickly too if you want to. It's not that difficult. So if you're looking at your budget, and I know times are tough for plenty of people, but it's $4.99 a month. And you only have to do it for the month of January. Now, you would be wise to do it in December because you know what? There's a Peacock exclusive game on the evening of December the 23. It's the Chargers and Titans I think?

- Yeah. Right.

- I think. I can't remember. But check the schedule. You'll see. It's there. And it's going to be kind of a test run because we have a game in the afternoon, NBC, game in the evening, Peacock. Not an accident. It's an opportunity to try this out one time. So look, folks, we love you. And if you're watching this, you already have it. If you're listening on Sirius XM 85, if you're watching a clip on the website, if you're listening to the podcast, you may not have Peacock. It's $4.99 a month. Amazon--


- It's Bills-Chargers.

- It's Bills-Chargers. Wow, it's even better than Titans-Chargers. Sorry, Titans. Bills-Chargers.

- Sign up for Peacock now.

- So Amazon Prime's $14.99 a month.

- Right.

- We're $4.99 a month.

- Right.

- That's $10. And nothing against Amazon, and you already need Amazon if you want to watch the Thursday night games.

- Yeah.

- That's all year long. This is one game in January. Try Peacock for $4.99. There's probably a free trial you can do. They don't want me to say this. I probably said a few things they don't want me to say, but you could probably do a free trial and then cancel it after the game if you're that desperate.


- I guess. I don't know. You're throwing out stuff I don't know now.

- I think you can do, like, free trial if you choose to do it because a certain percentage are going to forget. You know how that goes.

- Yes.

- Hey, signed up for the free trial.

- I've done that before.

- Oh, I'm in the middle of one now that I have to remember. It's like whirring around, like I got to remember to cancel my free trial, and then I'm going to forget. Not for Peacock.

- So that was a great-- I mean, I think we should start the show with that right there, just your whole rant there. That was good. Tomorrow, that's how we do it.


- But I'm going to hear it, and I'm already hearing it. Oh no. Oh no. We're not going to do it. We're not to do it You are going to do it. If you love football, you're going to do it. It's $4.99 a month. And do what I did. You know, no offense to DirecTV, but I was paying a ton of money for DirecTV.

- Yeah.

- And once I sat down and said what am I paying for, what am I getting? It's like, wait a minute, what else can I get? So I get all my usual channels that I had with DirecTV on YouTube TV for a fraction of the price, and then I just have all the streamers. And every once in a while I say do I really watch Paramount? And then something comes along that's like, OK, well I keep it.

- Right.


- Do I really watch Disney+? Disney+ has lost a lot of subscribers. What's really on there?

- Right.

- What's really there?

- Right.

- I don't know. Is it worth it? So folks, you're allowed to make these decisions. You can leave one. You can pick another one up. Peacock, as Rick Cordella pointed out, and Rick Cordella is the one you can blame for getting me involved in NBC in the first place anyway, he pointed out that Peacock has more live sports than any other streaming platform, more live sports. Premier League, these NFL games. There's a bunch of stuff. There's baseball on there now. There's so much stuff.


- Was waiting for you to rattle them off there.

- I don't know.

- The Premier League.

- There's football and other sports. Whatever sports they are, there's more live sports on Peacock than any other streamer. But it's $4.99. People, I understand. Go ahead, complain. You're going to huff and you're going to huff, and at the end of the day, you're going to blow your wallet open and you're going to pay $4.99 a month.

- Instead of buying father of mine for $4.99, buy Peacock.

- No, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.


- Everything I just said, forget about Peacock.


- Bye-- I'm kidding. I'm kidding. And Peacock is awesome. Pete's telling me to go to break. I'm kidding. Seriously, you love watching the NFL. It's $4.99 a month. If you haven't tried it yet, do a free trial now. Try it out. And again, if you're watching us, you already have it. So thank you. We love you. If you have Peacock, we love you even more if you go get Peacock today.