5,000+ Articles And A Year of Climbing Print Now Just $24

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Every year the editors here at Climbing publish over 1,500 articles online Plus four print issues of Climbing magazine and an annual coffee-table edition of Ascent. But much of it is hidden behind a paywall and you are missing it unless you subscribe.

We’ll cut to the chase: The editors are offering a limited-time 50% off subscription special. For only $24 a year that blasted paywall goes away and we’ll deliver a year of Climbing (plus Ascent) in print right to your door. That’s only $2 a month--less than what you’ll spend on a single cup of coffee--to access over 5,000 articles on climbing.com and get our award-winning print content.

Climbing, founded in 1970 by the desert rat and climbing pioneer Harvey T. Carter, has over over half a century of literary tradition and a who’s who of climbers, writers, photographers and editors behind it. A little over a year ago Climbing teamed up with Rock and Ice and is now bigger and better than ever with double the contributors, beefier pages and higher-quality paper. We also added three digital editors--Delaney Miller, Anthony Walsh and Steve Potter--so we can deliver daily updates to news, training, technique, safety, gear, columns and features.

We hope you’ll join the Climbing team by subscribing--unlimited online access plus a year of Climbing and Ascent in print for just $24.

It’s cliche to say “hurry while supplies last,” but it’s true. Once the offer ends the price will more than double. Subscribe, make the paywall go away, and enjoy our all new deluxe editions of Climbing in print.

--The Climbing Editors

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