“Pawn Stars” wants to hire an NBA player during the lockout

Are you familiar with the reality show "Pawn Stars"? If not, then you probably haven't spent much time watching History Channel late at night. The series is a lot like "Antiques Roadshow" in conception: people bring bizarre items into the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where owner Rick Harrison and his zany family and employees judge the items, bring in experts to appraise them, and finally haggle over a sale. The primary different is that Harrison and his friends are real characters, as befits a basic-cable reality show.

There are lots of pawn shops in Vegas -- what really sets Gold and Silver apart is that they know how to market themselves. So, in a fairly unsurprising story, they now want to hire an NBA player to work the counter during the lockout. From TMZ (via PBT):

TMZ has learned ..."Pawn Stars" honcho Rick Harrison is adamant that he wants to help a struggling, talented, out-of-work NBA player earn a paycheck during the never-ending lockout.

We're told the job would require the baller to work the counter just like everyone else in the shop. As for salary -- we're told Rick will work out the details depending on who applies for the gig.

Chum Lee [sic] -- who also stars on the show -- tells TMZ he's hoping Rick can pull in a Lakers player ... especially Metta World Peace ... but relents, "If there aren't any players who take us up on the offer, I'm hoping some cheerleaders come down for the job!"

Somewhat weird players like World Peace seem like natural fits for the job, but it's all about a fit for the position. After the jump, check out our five choices for the spot.

1. Chris Andersen: The staff at Gold and Silver isn't afraid of getting ink done, but Birdman is a fit for a far simpler reason. Over the years, various minor History Channel reality show stars have had their own series spinoffs created. Andersen has already expressed interest in doing a redneck hunting show, and there's no better way to prepare the audience for that series than by having him discuss expensive guns with various customers.

2. Nate Robinson: The majority of the employees at Gold and Silver speak in a laconic style. Nate would inject some real energy into the proceedings, and perhaps force the Old Man to violence. In other words, classic TV.

3. Kevin Durant: If Rick and the boys, put a hoop up outside, Durant will probably show up anyway to play basketball. Then again, they won't even need to hire him, so maybe this suggestion is unnecessary.

4. Derek Fisher: As union president, Fisher has learned quite a bit about how to haggle over money. The only downside here is that his negotiating skills may need work, which could lead to several purchased boats (which are very tough to sell) and subsequent freakouts from Rick.

5. Eddy Curry: Honestly, I just want this guy to get steady work so he doesn't get too depressed. I'm worried about him.

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