Paul Reed taking lessons from Tobias Harris to help Sixers succeed

PHILADELPHIA — When the Philadelphia 76ers are missing Joel Embiid, that means Paul Reed has to step up and produce at a high level. His effort is extremely important to help the Sixers succeed without the big fella.

Friday was a big example of that as he stepped up for eight points, seven rebounds, and three blocks in a 112-93 win over the Sacramento Kings. It was a far cry from his previous performances when Embiid is out and the loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday prompted Tobias Harris to step in and talk to Reed.

“We did have a conversation after the last game and he put a lot of things into play tonight (Friday),” Harris told Sixers Wire. “So that was huge, but all the young guys. Especially, P-Reed. I’m in his ear. I’m always encouraging him when we’re on the floor because I want him to be successful out there and I think he’s gonna be a great player.”

Harris who had 37 points in the win over the Kings, has always been the vocal leader of the group. He and Reed have a great relationship and it’s due to the work the two put in together over the summer.

“I’ve been Tobias’s teammate for years now and I know what he’s capable of out there on the court and for me, it’s like I’m impressed, but I’m not really impressed,” Reed said of Harris. “I see this all the time from him, you feel me? Even in the summer, we work out together like playing 1-on-1. He’s making the same shots, even more difficult shots at a high rate.”

Those workouts in the summer have led to Harris giving pointers to Reed whenever the time calls for it in order to help the Sixers succeed and get the job done.

“He’s always giving me pointers of what to do, what not to do, and how to act and how not to act,” Reed explained. “Things like that and I always listen. That’s like a big brother for me.”

The overall big message that Harris wants to get across to Reed is to just play within himself. The Sixers need him to step in and produce when Embiid is out. For him to do that, he has to just play his game and not do too much.

“I think for him, I’m always in his ear,” Harris stated. “Just being a pro, but also just doing what he does best and that’s bring energy, sticking in the confines of his game, and just doing all the dirty work. That will evolve his game.”

The Sixers will need Reed to continue to step up and produce when the time calls for it. When he doesn’t? One can expect Harris to have another big brother conversation with him.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire