Paul Pierce zings LeBron James on Twitter after Celtics win

Paul Pierce(notes) wasn't great from long-range Thursday night, hitting just one of four 3-point attempts in the Boston Celtics' decisive 112-107 win over the Miami Heat. He was on target from just about everywhere else, though. He hit 10 of 16 from inside the arc (including a hilarious buzzer-beating scoop to end the first half). He drained all four of his free throws, too.

He also connected with a parting shot taken at Miami Heat star LeBron James(notes) after the game on Twitter:

I mean, sure, "Decision" zings are kind of played out at this point, but this simple thud of a dig is kind of the cherry on top of the way that Boston bullied Miami Thursday night. "Your power forward's shook, your two guard can't shoot against us, you have no center and no point guard, and hey, remember that thing you did everybody hated? It's still dumb and people still hate it/you." /mushes your face into a gross puddle of mud

[Video: Pierce accidentally swings at a ref]

Also, if you had "2010" in the "When will Paul Pierce stop talking so much trash?" pool, it looks like you're out of luck. Sorry. If you picked this year in the "When will Paul Pierce start wearing glasses that make it look like he once got busy in a Burger King bathroom?" pool, though, then you should be counting your millions even as you read this.

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(And hey, just between you and me, thanks so much for continuing to read BDL even after you won millions of dollars in a game of Shock G-themed basketball chance. We really appreciate your support.)

[Photos: See more of Paul Pierce]

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