Paul Pierce responds to Bradley Beal's first impression of him

Mike DePrisco

A few weeks ago, Bradley Beal went on the Woj Pod to talk about his decision-making process to sign an extension with the Wizards. 

During the conversation, former teammate Paul Pierce came up, and Beal let everyone know how he wasn't the future Hall-of-Famer's biggest fan before he signed with Washington. 

"At first I thought Paul was a pure [expletive], I thought he hated everybody, I thought he didn't like people, but it was the complete opposite. He rides for his team," Beal said to Adrian Wojnarowski

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On Thursday before the Wizards took on the 76ers at home, Pierce responded to those comments. 

"He right," Pierce said on "The Jump" with Rachel Nichols. "And that's what gave me my edge, that's who I was."

Pierce was one of the fiercest competitors in the league for the entirety of his 15-year-career. There are few players like him anymore, especially in the "Super Team Era" we're living in today. 

"Now you see everyone's friends and they're taking it light on each other," he said. "During the season, y'all over there, y'all over there. Leave me alone, I'm out to take your head off, old school mentality, and you don't see that no more."

Beal explained how he and John Wall learned a lot from Pierce in the one season he played in DC and how they still have a similar mentality when it comes to their opponents. 

As the Wizards rebuild their core with a multitude of young players through the draft and trades with the Lakers, Beal and Wall can pass down the lessons they learned from Pierce so the new age of Wizards basketball keeps a mid-2000's edge. 


Paul Pierce responds to Bradley Beal's first impression of him originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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