Paul Pierce plays HORSE with Massachusetts Lottery winners (Video)

Way back at the beginning of February, our Kelly Dwyer hipped you to a Massachusetts State Lottery promotion in which six lucky fans would be selected to play longtime Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce in a game of HORSE. As Kelly noted, there was really no conceivable way in which Pierce would lose the competition, because he's well known for his scoring craftiness. Also, he is an NBA player, and the state lottery winners presumably would not be, unless Shavlik Randolph is looking for some extra income.

On Friday, the Celtics released video of the competition that took place earlier this week. There is no suspense — Pierce bested all six challengers while reaching only the letter "O." Of course, depending on your point of view, that could mean it was a pretty tough game, considering the NBA once created a video about his "bag of tricks."

Here's hoping that various other state lotteries concoct similar games for basketball fans, because we could end up with some pretty cool events. Something tells me that Oklahoma could raise a lot of money if they let a handful of winners go on a clothes shopping spree with Russell Westbrook.

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