Paul McCartney revisits childhood home where he and John Lennon wrote 'She Loves You'

Paul McCartney and James Corden came together for the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show.

While in Liverpool, McCartney took a trip down Penny Lane and showed Corden local landmarks including the church where he was a choir boy and his old barbershop. However, the best part for McCartney was returning to the home where he lived out his teenage years and, more importantly, where The Beatles got their start.

While in the house, McCartney showed Corden where he and John Lennon would rehearse and write, and recounted the moment he and Lennon finished writing "She Loves You." McCartney shared that the two went into the next room to play the song for McCartney's father. "He listened to the whole song and he said, 'It's very nice, but son, there's enough of these Americanisms around. Couldn't you sing she loves you yes, yes, yes?' And we were like, no," said McCartney.

McCartney also showed Corden his favorite spot in the house, the bathroom, which he calls the "acoustic chamber," because "everything sounds better in the bath," McCartney sang to Corden, while also explaining that he would spend hours with his guitar in it.

To wrap up their visit to the home, McCartney treated the very lucky homeowner to a special private performance of "When I'm Sixty-Four" on her piano. And when Corden asked McCartney how it made him feel to be back in the house, McCartney shared, "It makes me realize how long the journey's been to date, because we really lived here. I remember me and my mom and dad." McCartney also explained how living in the house inspired songs like "Penny Lane" and "A Day in the Life," and concluded by saying, "That's what makes me think, wow, the distance from here to where we went, and where we are now, it's like phenomenal."

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