Paul McCartney at Glastonbury: BBC viewers complain as Beatles legend not shown for an hour after set time

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Viewers at home have been left confused as to why Paul McCartney’s set at Glastonbury is not being shown on BBC in real time.

The Beatles legend has already taken the stage for his headline performance, which was scheduled to begin at 9.30pm. Fans at home, however, have not been able to tune in.

Currently, BBC is still airing Noel Gallagher’s set. You can read The Independent’s four-star review of the Oasis star’s performance here.

McCartney’s set will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer’s Glastonbury channels at 10.30pm, an hour later than he began.

“I’m totally confused how are you can watch Paul McCartney 9:30 and I can’t see anything but bloody Liam Gallagher on the #Glastonbury channel on iPlayer,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Another added: “No cuz why is Paul McCartney’s glasto set not being shown live when everyone else’s is.”

“Why do we have to wait an hour to watch Paul McCartney? Every single other performance has been live on iplayer [...] yet you have delayed this for an hour as far as I can tell. Click on Pyramid stage live stream and it says [it] starts in an hour. Really annoying!” said someone else.

A fourth person wrote: “I hope there’s a really good reason why we can’t watch Paul McCartney live as it happens.”

The Independent has contacted a representative of BBC for comment over the delay in coverage specifically for McCartney’s set.

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