Paul Goldschmidt on fire after slow start to year

Drew Silva takes note of Paul Goldschmidt's numbers since his slow start in April, emphasizing the vet is back to his efficient offensive production once again.

Video Transcript

DREW SILVA: Every year it's pretty much bankable that Paul Goldschmidt will go on one of those nuclear streaks at the plate, where it almost seems like he never makes an out. The extra base hits pour in accompanied by large totals of RBIs and runs scored. And we're in the midst of one of them right now. Across his first 84 plate appearances since the calendar turned to May, the veteran Cardinals first baseman has batted .405 with a [? 1.235 ?] OPS, while putting up five home runs, 12 doubles, 19 RBIs, and 13 runs in the span of 19 games.

Extending the game log back to April 22, Goldschmidt has a .414 batting average and an [? 1.166 ?] OPS over his last 123 plate appearances, with 28 RBIs in his last 28 games. It has made up for his rough couple of opening weeks, and it puts Goldy top five on the current overall OPS leaderboard, behind only Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Manny Machado, and CJ Cron.