Paul Finebaum continues taking shots at Dabo Swinney: ‘You’ve had a great week. Go take a victory lap.’

As everyone knows by now, Paul Finebaum is not a fan of Clemson’s head coach Dabo Swinney. 

At times, it seems like Swinney must have done something irrationally bad to Finebaum in his life because there is just no way a guy can have so much disdain for a person who’s done nothing to them. Actually, scratch that… It’s sports, and that’s what happens with the media and some of these personalities, such as Finebaum. 

The ESPN personality took shots this time at how Swinney and his team celebrated their win over Notre Dame. During an appearance on The Matt Barrie Show, Finebaum made comments about Swinney’s interaction with Tyler from Spartanburg and his quote about buying stock in Clemson. 

“I was entertained by that,” Finebaum said. “I was watching it on a plane, and I’m like, OK, great, Dabo. You beat Notre Dame, which a lot of people expected you to do at home, and you should’ve done at home. And you beat down a caller to your radio show. You’ve had a great week. Go take a victory lap.”

“And by the way, when we’re all at the College Football Playoff this year in Pasadena and New Orleans and later in Houston, you’ll be watching it on TV unless ESPN’s nice enough to bring you out there as an analyst.” 

In all honesty, it gets difficult not to laugh when Finebaum goes off about Swinney like this. How petty is this man? Does Swinney really own that much real estate in his head? It sure seems like it!

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire