Patriots vs. Bills Week 16 Preview: Keys to a New England victory

NBC Sports Boston
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Curran's Pats-Bills Preview: Will we see an upset ... or Stidham? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

When the schedule makers and TV people got together and laid out the 2020 plan, the imagined scenario for Bills-Patriots on MNF in Week 16 was that the two teams would be in a slapfight for the AFC East title.

As it turns out the Patriots are 6-8, the Bills are 11-3 and the flip in their fortunes doesn’t figure to be a blip on the radar screen.

The Bills have wrested control of the AFC East from the Patriots. Is this Monday night game a chance to lord it over them? Buffalo’s won four straight including a 48-19 blowout of the Broncos in its last game.

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