Patriots upgrading facilities after poor marks in NFLPA survey

The Patriots got low marks in this year's NFL Players Association survey of working conditions and team owner Robert Kraft said the organization is committed to addressing player concerns on Tuesday.

New England's weight room ranked last in the NFL and players were critical of the lack of day care during games, which is something only the Patriots and six other teams do not provide to families of their players. Kraft, who was graded D+ in the survey, told reporters that the team has started to make changes that he believes will make for better grades in the future.

"I must tell you, I was unaware of how bad that was," Kraft said, via Matt Geagen of WBZ. "We've had a plan and we put in place and we're committing a whole new facility adjacent to ours that has been discussed with the young leadership team of a building that will be in excess of $50 million that will have the most modern facilities. I was not aware even of this daycare issue. I mean, that's something that's fixable and we want to do. Look, the players are the heart and soul of the business. So I'd be very surprised if that didn't improve."

It's already been an offseason of significant change in New England and more of them are coming as the team tries to improve the way that players feel about the organization.