Patriots Talk: What's going on with Josh McDaniels in Vegas?

What's going on with McDaniels in Vegas? J.T. The Brick weighs in originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Josh McDaniels/Dave Ziegler era in Las Vegas has not gone as planned. The Raiders are 2-7 on the season and reached a new low with Sunday's loss to an Indianapolis Colts team led by Jeff Saturday, who had no previous professional football coaching experience.

McDaniels' disastrous start as Raiders head coach has some calling for him to be fired. However, team owner Mark Davis has assured the ex-New England Patriots offensive coordinator he will return as head coach next season. Davis' vote of confidence in McDaniels left many scratching their heads, but Raider Nation Radio's J.T. The Brick isn't one of them.

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On a new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast with Tom E. Curran, J.T. The Brick explains why he isn't placing the blame squarely on McDaniels for Las Vegas' failure of a season.

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"Josh McDaniels seems to have this team on track. They're just not executing," J.T. The Brick said. "It comes down to this: are you prepared, or are you not prepared? I think they're more than prepared. And you know this, Josh is prepared. He's a stickler to details. That's all he does is details, and they're looking at details all around the clock.

"The problem is what's happening with the execution. They're not executing, they're not running perfect routes, the offense line's a rebuild and the defense is really struggling. I mean, they don't have players on defense other than Maxx Crosby. Chandler Jones hasn't worked out yet. They're going to blow up a lot of these players on defense, let them go and try to rebuild on that side of the ball."

So, how's McDaniels holding up during another rough season as a head coach?

"I think he's holding up well," J.T. The Brick answered. "I'm the only guy who sits down with him every week and talks to him, and it's been basically a preview of the upcoming opponent. Let me tell you this, I've been doing this a long time, he's the best I've ever seen and Gruden was damn good -- Josh is better at knowing the opponent than anyone I've ever sat down with. I can go starting safety to Mike linebacker and he can tell you the stats, how they played the last two weeks. He is phenomenal at preparing and looking ahead."

McDaniels and the Raiders will look to get back on track this Sunday in Denver.

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