Patriots Talk Podcast: What are the chances of a Deshaun Watson trade?

Justin Leger
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Patriots Talk Podcast: What are the chances of a Deshaun Watson trade? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The New England Patriots enter the offseason with an obvious need at the quarterback position. They can add one this offseason via the NFL Draft or free agency... or, maybe they could swing a deal for one of the best QBs in the NFL.

A report Thursday from ProFootballTalk suggested Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson "quietly approached teammates about the possibility of requesting a trade." The 25-year-old is coming off a spectacular season, but a disastrous one for his team which finished 4-12 and fired head coach Bill O'Brien earlier in the campaign.

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Having Watson under center obviously would be a dream scenario for New England, but what are the chances of that dream actually becoming a reality? Tom E. Curran, Matt Cassel, and Phil Perry discussed on a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"Welcome to fantasy land. You can't trade that guy. He's not going anywhere and he ain't coming here," Curran said.

Well then. That was straight to the point, but what did Cassel have to say about Watson's future in Houston?

"If I'm Nick Caserio, I'm doing everything in my power to let him know that while he might have had a bad experience with Bill O'Brien -- I don't know what the circumstances were. It seemed like at times they had a good relationship and at other times there were trials and tribulations and the adversities they went through, so maybe he wasn't as happy," Cassel said.

Perry: Who's 'Next Man Up' in Foxboro with Caserio gone?

"At the end of the day, it's [Caserio's] job as the GM now who's going to be overlooking all the operational side of it to go in, smooth things over, have a man-to-man conversation and make him feel comfortable and good about the direction in which the organization is going and at the same time, give Deshaun Watson the feeling that he has a say and he has an understanding that he has an input on the next head coach. That's going to be the decision that ultimately impacts Deshaun Watson more than anything else."

Perry added some context to the debate by breaking down Watson's contract situation.

"2021 salary is not much because it's just the end of his rookie deal essentially. It's $10.5 million base salary for next year," Perry said. "(In) 2022 you start getting into $35 million guaranteed. That's his base salary for 2022. For 2023 the salary is $20 million, his roster bonus is $17 million ... It's a lot of money. You're talking over $30 million the next couple of years if you trade for him."

In summary, Watson to New England doesn't seem so likely. Crazier things have happened though, right?

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