Patriots Talk: Is Mac Jones genuinely optimistic about this team?

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Is Mac Jones genuinely optimistic about this Patriots team? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The New England Patriots haven't had much to be optimistic about when it comes to their offense heading into the 2022 season. Still, Mac Jones has maintained a mostly positive attitude.

The second-year quarterback spoke Wednesday about the offense, stating they've "ironed things out" on that side of the ball and he "feels confident" in what they're doing. That positive spin comes days after the Patriots couldn't get anything going in their 23-6 preseason finale loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Jones' frustrations with the offense's continued struggles were visible on the sideline.

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So is Jones genuinely optimistic about the Patriots offense heading into their Week 1 showdown vs. the Miami Dolphins? Phil Perry shared his thoughts in the latest episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast with Tom E. Curran.

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"I think he's generally wired to be optimistic," Perry said. "I know people may say, 'What? I saw some of the clips from the sideline in Vegas where he's smashing the tablet.' And I've detailed some of the between-series stuff whether it's practice or games, but I think generally speaking, especially during the week getting prepared for a week, I think this is just who he is.

"I think he feels as though things are going to look better. I'm sure he is excited at the opportunity to kind of get out of this mode of running base plays in preseason and running what (Matt) Cassel would call 'call and run plays,' meaning we call the play, we run the play, we don't change the play. Which is what they were doing basically for the vast majority of the summer. So I think that's why you sense (optimism) from Mac Jones this week."

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