Patriots' Rob Gronkowski has words of encouragement for bullied kid

Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski says and does a lot of memorable Gronk things – like talking about his girlfriend’s booty for one.

But on Saturday, he had more meaningful words of encouragement for a young 5-year-old boy named Sam.

The viral nail polish

A dad’s tweet thread calling out toxic masculinity went viral on Monday when Sam, who is a fan of trucks and sports as well as purses and nail polish, came home from school crying.

Some kids had made fun of him for his bright red nail polish and his dad tried to console him by saying that other men, like Thor and Captain Jack Sparrow – Chris Hemsworth and Johnny Depp for those who are unfamiliar – do wear nail polish.

Sam asked if Gronkowski, his favorite football player, wore polish. His father wasn’t sure, but said yes regardless, tacking on an apology for Gronk in case he was wrong.

Gronkowski’s message

On Saturday, via the Patriots’ twitter account, Gronkowski had a video message for Sam.

“I heard some kids at school were giving you a hard time for some nail polish,” Gronkowski said. “I just wanted to say stay strong and do what makes you the happiest and keep being yourself.”

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