Patriots reportedly factored into Titans firing Mike Vrabel

There were a multitude of reasons why the Tennessee Titans made the decision to move on from Mike Vrabel as head coach, and one of those reasons included the New England Patriots, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Many have jumped to the conclusion that Titans general manager Ron Carthon made the decision to fire Vrabel, but according to Rapoport, that decision came down from owner Amy Adams Strunk.

“This was Amy Adams Strunk making the decision that based on a lot of things, including what happened when [Vrabel] went to New England for the Hall of Fame thing, including not dispelling rumors in-house that he was going to be the Patriots coach,” said Rapoport. “There was a lot there, and she clearly made the decision that she wanted to move on in the best interest of the organization.”

Vrabel might have raised more than a few eyebrows during his Patriots Hall of Fame speech, when comparing New England to other organizations.

“I also want you not to take this organization for granted,” said Vrabel. “I’ve been a lot of places. This is a special place with great leadership, great fans, great direction, great coaching. Enjoy it. It’s not like this everywhere.”

The Patriots are still mulling over a decision to fire or keep Bill Belichick as head coach. Vrabel’s name has vaulted to the top of the list as a possible replacement for Belichick, if the team does choose to move on.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire