Here’s all the Patriots’ projected picks for the 2021 NFL Draft

Isaiah Houde
·1 min read

The New England Patriots have a ton of decisions to make ahead of the 2021 season.

New England will have to fully utilize the offseason to retain players, draw in free agents and hit big on the 2021 NFL Draft. The Patriots also have the league-high eight opt-outs to figure out as well. After a lackluster 2020 season, the Patriots are geared up for the No. 15 overall pick this year.

Whether Bill Belichick trends toward a quarterback or an offensive lineman to solidify the trenches, he’s in a better spot than usual. Pick No. 15 is the fourth-highest in Belichick’s career with the Patriots — the other three bringing in Richard Seymour, Ty Warren and Jerod Mayo.

Here’s a look at the current picks.

  • 1st round – Pick 15

  • 2nd round

  • 3rd round (compensatory pick)

  • 4th round

  • 4th round (compensatory pick)

  • 4th round (compensatory pick)

  • 5th round

  • 7th round