Patriots players, including rookies, reveal biggest pet peeves

What is your biggest pet peeve?

It’s a great question because everyone has them. Whether it’s seeing people chew food with their mouths open or that one person calling instead of texting for the simplest thing. There’s some quirk capable of drawing an involuntary stink eye out of all of us.

But what about New England Patriots players? What are some of their biggest pet peeves?

The Patriots’ social media team caught up with players during organized team activities for a fun video of them revealing what behaviors annoyed them the most. It produced some truly hilarious responses.

Rookie quarterback Drake Maye said, “When somebody hears you and they still say, ‘What?'”

Meanwhile, Joe Milton’s biggest pet peeve is people that talk too much, while tight end Hunter Henry can’t stand when people behind him on an airplane try to pass him.

The pet peeve for Patriots fans in the last two seasons has been losing football games.

However, there’s hope the team can eventually get that corrected with first-year head coach Jerod Mayo and executive vice president of player personnel Eliot Wolf now leading the charge.


Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire