Patriots pass on QB Drake Maye’s favorite target as WR pick

The New England Patriots used the No. 3 overall pick on former North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye. They have basically handed over the future of the franchise to Maye and that leadership role took effect immediately when, as Maye pointed out, the team was in contact with him about the rest of the picks.

“Yeah, they were kinda keying me in on what they were thinking before they selected them,” Maye said. “I think as a rookie quarterback you don’t expect to have much say.”

This is fascinating information given how the draft played out. The Patriots selected UCF wide receiver Javon Baker with the No. 10 pick in the fourth round. Baker is an Alabama transfer and a solid prospect. But just three picks later, the Baltimore Ravens selected wide receiver Tez Walker. Walker was Maye’s favorite last season at North Carolina.

Did Maye not want his former teammate and favorite target on New England with him or did the Patriots front office make the call without his input?


Story originally appeared on Draft Wire