Patriots open to trading 3rd overall pick ‘for a bag’

The National Football League’s owners meetings are in full swing and there are a lot of conversations happening. Personnel also have discussions with the media about a myriad of topics.

On Monday morning, New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo talked with reporters and kept the door open for the Minnesota Vikings to move up to third overall.

“Look, we sit at a very enviable spot at No. 3 where we can take someone, or if someone offers ‘a bag,’ as we would say — you know, a lot of first-round picks — we definitely have to talk about those things,” Mayo said.


This is a far cry from earlier reports that the Patriots weren’t interested in trading down. Once the Vikings traded to get 23rd overall, the discussions surrounding a trade up got even stronger.

What is Mayo saying here? Is it really as simple as “give us the godfather offer and we will trade the pick?” That’s what it seems like. Only time will tell to see if it comes to fruition.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire