How Patriots' Lawrence Guy is helping others with learning disabilities

How Lawrence Guy is empowering others with learning disabilities originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Lawrence Guy has overcome plenty of adversity en route to carving out an 11-year NFL career. And now he's paying it forward.

The New England Patriots defensive lineman struggled with learning challenges growing up after being diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia. It wasn't until college where Guy sought help and began to see immediate results both in the classroom at Arizona State and on the field, where he earned All-Freshman honors for the Sun Devils.

Guy is now a well-established starter on the Patriots' defensive line who helped the team win a Super Bowl in 2018. After reaching the NFL mountaintop, the 32-year-old has taken pride in sharing his story with the hope of inspiring and empowering kids who might be going through the same struggles he endured.

"If you go back and think about when you were a kid and you were struggling a little bit and you wish that you could do something, why not do something?" Guy says. "There's this stigma that you can't ask for help, and I'm trying to kill that stigma."

Check out the NBC LX video above for more on how Guy is working to help children with learning disabilities through his work with the Lawrence Guy Family Foundation.