Patriots to hire new General Manager to work with HC Jerod Mayo

The Patriots have their new head coach in Jerod Mayo but that is just one part of the organization's plan to replace Bill Belichick.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, now that the club has turned to Mayo, New England will hire a new General Manager.

Belichick previously served as the team's top football authority on all matters. In his Thursday press conference, team owner Robert Kraft noted that Belichick gained that power over time. But Kraft also discussed the benefits of having proper "checks and balances" in any organization.

“We need what I say — I call it, we need ‘Dr. No’s’ around us, people to protect us from ourselves,” Kraft said. “And as things evolve and you get more power, sometimes people are afraid to speak up. I’m speaking about all companies.”

So as the Patriots move from Belichick to Mayo at head coach, the team will have a different approach to player acquisition with a new G.M. As noted recently by, none of the players New England drafted in the first three rounds between 2014 and 2020 were signed to a second contract with the team. That is something the Patriots would surely like to change with this next regime.