Patriots' Devin McCourty quickly rejected Chargers player's recruiting attempt

McCourty quickly rejected Chargers player's free agent recruiting attempt originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Devin McCourty has not yet announced whether he will return for a 13th season with the New England Patriots or retire, but that hasn't stopped at least one player from trying to recruit him.

Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day tweeted at McCourty on Thursday night, writing "Dev what’s good, I hear you’re a free agent is that correct? ⚡️"

McCourty was quick to respond with "😂😂😂😂I only look good in a pats uniform bro."

Joseph-Day essentially admitted defeat with the following tweet, "😂🤣 Shiiiiiiii I respect it. Just know the Rutgers connection will thrive out in LA. You can get a head start on some post career stuff in this market, and you can wear some of the sickest jerseys in the NFL. My 📱 always open. 😎⚡️"

McCourty is one of the best defensive players to ever wear a Patriots uniform. The veteran safety tallied 71 total tackles with eight passes defensed in 16 games at age 35 last season. He also tied for the team lead with four interceptions. Not only is he still a really good player, he's one of the best leaders in the entire NFL.

Regardless of whether McCourty comes back or retires, the Patriots need to add some more youth to the safety position. The 2023 NFL Draft will be a great place for them to address that need.