Patriots coach Jerod Mayo reveals hilarious nickname for Robert Kraft

Jerod Mayo already has a nickname for New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. During Wednesday’s introductory press conference, the newly-hired head coach revealed Kraft’s nickname as “Thundercat” and “Thunder”.

Throughout the presser, Mayo referred to the Patriots owner as Thunder multiple times.

Kraft and Mayo have a long history together, starting when New England drafted the former linebacker in the first round of the 2008 NFL draft. Now, Mayo will oversee the team he once played for, as the organization begins the post-Bill Belichick era.

Mayo’s press conference covered a variety of topics, ranging from potential staff moves to the team’s identity moving forward. But this made up for some of the more lighthearted moments during the event.

It’s clear that Mayo and Kraft share a bond. That’s obviously a good thing considering the massive amount of work it’ll take to turn things around in New England.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire