Patriots have 18 interceptions while allowing 1 touchdown pass

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

The Patriots’ pass defense is dominating opposing quarterbacks like no defense we’ve seen in a long time. Maybe like no defense ever.

The most incredible statistic to sum up how the Patriots’ pass defense is playing is this: New England has 18 interceptions this season, while allowing one touchdown pass.

League-wide, there are more than twice as many touchdown passes as interceptions — unless the Patriots’ defense is on the field. So far this season the Patriots’ defense has been responsible for 10.4 percent of all the interceptions in the NFL and has allowed just 0.3 percent of all the touchdown passes in the NFL.

The Patriots’ defense has allowed a cumulative passer rating this season of 35.6. The league average is 91.4. Compare that to the 1985 Bears’ defense, considered by many the most dominant defense ever, which allowed a cumulative passer rating of 51.2 in a year when the league average was 73.5. These Patriots are more dominant than the 1985 Bears.

Whether New England can keep it up as the season continues and the schedule gets harder remains to be seen. But through seven games, the Patriots’ defense is doing something extraordinary.

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