Patrick Maroon shares special moment with son after Game 7 heroics

Patrick Maroon deserved this one. (Getty)
Patrick Maroon deserved this one. (Getty)

He missed it.

Flipping through media notes to learn about the different hometowns of Dad’s teammates (how else would one deal with the stress of double overtime?), Patrick Maroon’s 10-year-old son Anthony didn’t catch his father reaching around the brick wall that had been Ben Bishop and shovelling in the goal that sent the St. Louis Blues to the Western Conference final.

For that reason the reaction was delayed.

But it wasn’t spoiled.

As the Blues celebrated their hard-fought seven-game triumph over the Dallas Stars on the ice at Enterprise Center, Anthony was in the stands and unable to control his emotions.

Anthony is certainly his father’s son.

While playing with the Edmonton Oilers several years ago, Patrick broke down in a memorable post-game interview when he was showed footage of Anthony celebrating his goal — scored against the Blues at the time.

Patrick’s voiced cracked, and he said one of the realest things ever spoken in an interview staged in the moments following a hockey game:

"I don't get to see him as much."

Anthony was born just as Patrick was embarking on his professional hockey career — one that never carried the promise of making it to the NHL. Stops in Philadelphia, Adirondack, Syracuse, Anaheim, Norfolk, Edmonton and New Jersey meant that father and son spent far more time apart as Anthony remained in St. Louis with his mother.

There have been many challenges for Maroon to overcome in his career, but being separated from Anthony seems to have impacted him the most. That’s why the decision was made this summer to leave significant money and term on the table in free agency to return to St. Louis to play for his hometown team.

Maroon’s start to the year was characteristic of the entire team’s struggles in the first few months of the season, and a moment like this one once seemed inconceivable.

You can’t deny that it wasn’t deserved.

“The biggest goal of my career. Wow, what a moment it has been,” Maroon said, his voicing cracking in another postgame interview with Sportsnet after noticing his son’s reaction live.

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me all year, and to score a big goal like that in front of my hometown, my son was in the stands tonight, fiancee, friends, family — I mean ...”

In that moment, Maroon interrupted himself, and transitioned to deflective hockeyspeak by crediting his linemates for making the goal and his season turnaround possible.

He would, however, allow those emotions to come out when reuniting with Anthony in the Blues dressing room, where more tears were shed.

Most importantly, together.

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