Patrick Mahomes strives to build better connections with Chiefs’ offensive weapons

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 1 loss to the Detroit Lions was disappointing for fans in Western Missouri, and one aspect of the team’s performance that was the most troubling was the receiver production. Dropped passes and miscommunication were the root of the problem and the main reasons the Chiefs came up short.

Patrick Mahomes spoke to the media on Wednesday, emphasizing how he and Kansas City’s wideouts have to be better.

“I still think we have a great connection going. Obviously, it doesn’t always work out in games,” Mahomes said. “We didn’t execute at a high enough level, me included, in that first game, but you have to keep building, you have to try to make yourself better. I’ll try to do what I can to make it easier on them [wide receivers] and they will go out there and make the plays happen.”

Mahomes explained what the issues were on Thursday night, and what he can do better to make the receivers’ jobs easier.

“There were opportunities that I missed. A couple throws here and there where I could have gotten [the ball] to the guy earlier – not made it so hard on those guys, a little but late on some of my reads – Stuff that I have to continue to work on,” Mahomes continued. “Just like everybody, I have to be better, and I’m going to try to do that this week.”

When asked if reading the defense is part of the receivers’ responsibility, Mahomes explained how he feels that is something the whole offense has to be aware of.

“That’s the entire offense, especially here, I think. It’s a lot of reading on the run, recognizing coverages, and making plays off of that,” Mahomes elaborated. “That’s stuff I have to be on the same page with the receivers, and stuff we will work on this week.”

The Chiefs will be given a tough test heading into Week 2, as Kansas City will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road on Sunday.

With Travis Kelce potentially being back in the fold, there should be pressure alleviated from the receivers’ shoulders, but they will still be looked upon to make plays.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire