Patrick Mahomes’ preoccupation with ketchup goes beyond steak

Terez PaylorSenior NFL writer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Many were surprised when a recent ESPN story revealed that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes prefers ketchup with his steak, so much so that Mahomes’ mother ordered it for him during a recent dinner out.

On Thursday, Mahomes elaborated more on that, admitting he was surprised at the reaction.

“Yeah, it’s crazy — social media can blow anything up,” Mahomes said. “I’m a big ketchup fan, I’ve always been, a little bit more when I was younger.”

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Social media also figures to blow up the next thing Mahomes admitted to liking ketchup on: macaroni and cheese.

Patrick Mahomes is a crazy about ketchup as he is about throwing touchdown passes. (AP)
Patrick Mahomes is a crazy about ketchup as he is about throwing touchdown passes. (AP)

“I don’t think it’s that weird, but I put it on my macaroni and cheese,” Mahomes said. “People seem to think that’s a weird thing, some people think that’s disgusting, but it’s good to me.”

Mahomes was then asked how he felt about Heinz’s recent offer to give him free ketchup for life if he throws for 57 touchdown passes.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Mahomes said. “If it happens and I get ketchup for life, I’ll be sure to share it with some of the offensive linemen.”

Despite Heinz’s offer, he says he doesn’t have a favorite brand at the moment.

“Not really,” Mahomes said. “I have Hunt’s, I do Heinz, I do it all. My favorite, probably, is the Whataburger ketchup. Texas people would know that.”

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