Patrick Mahomes: Only thing I don't like about Chiefs' schedule is the early bye

Much has been made of the Chiefs' 2024 schedule, which has them playing on every day of the week except Tuesday. Mike North, the league's scheduling guru, said Kansas City might have the toughest schedule in the league. But Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes says that's not the issue he has with the schedule.

Mahomes says the only thing he doesn't like is that the Chiefs' bye comes early in the year, in Week Six.

"The only thing I don't like is the early bye," Mahomes told Pat McAfee. "The early bye is always tough. But other than that, I'm just ready to play football."

Mahomes said he likes playing on Christmas Day, but on a personal level he would've preferred the bye to come later in the season.

"It's the earliest I've ever had a bye," Mahomes said. "We do get the Christmas Wednesday night game, which could be like a four-day weekend. But at the same time, that Week Six bye? It's Texas Tech's bye, too, so I can't even go see my college team."

Perhaps the Chiefs can earn another bye, in the first round of the playoffs.