Will Patrick Mahomes be able to play like Patrick Mahomes?

When images emerged on Wednesday of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes walking without a boot or a limp and moving as he normally would in video from practice captured during the period when the media had access, my first thought was this — if he’s fine, why didn’t they try to conceal it?

Which then had me wondering whether, in lieu of creating the impression that he’s not fine when he is, maybe they’re creating the impression that he’s fine, when he isn’t.

Whatever the truth, people seem to think Mahomes will be fine. But it’s one thing to walk or job without a limp. It’s quite another to accelerate, sprint, change directions, etc. during a game.

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Some have questioned whether he really has a high ankle sprain. Maybe he does, and maybe he simply has superhuman recovery powers. Or maybe he doesn’t.

We’ll find out on Sunday whether Mahomes can play like he normally does, operating both from the pocket and with the ability to escape when needed, running around and buying time and either flicking a laser beam with his wrist or turning it upfield for a man-among-boys demonstration of elusiveness.

In Super Bowl LV, Mahomes had turf toe. He needed surgery three days after the game. It took just enough away from his mobility to make it easier for the Tampa Bay pass rushers to track him down.

Will Patrick Mahomes be able to play like Patrick Mahomes? originally appeared on Pro Football Talk