Patrick Beverley's theft of Anthony Davis' shoe backfires in technical, huge night from Davis

This seems about right.

On Monday, New Orleans Pelicans center Anthony Davis lost his right shoe during gameplay in the second quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Without a stoppage in play, Davis played on with a single shoe and managed to cherry-pick a transition bucket after a Clippers miss on the other end of the court.

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Game continues with one-shoed Davis

The game continued on for a couple of possessions as Davis played with one shoe, the Pelicans apparently not believing the situation warranted a time out.

When Davis missed a jumper on the next Pelicans possession, he tossed his errant shoe toward the New Orleans bench, having given up on the prospect of getting it on with the clock running.

Beverley sees an opportunity

That’s when Patrick Beverley — one of the NBA’s most prolific on-court trolls — went to work. While waiting in warmups at the scorer’s table to check in, he grabbed Davis’ shoe and took it to the Clippers bench.

Officials noticed the stunt and quickly assessed Beverley a technical foul for delay of game.

Nice work, Patrick.

What’s not clear from the footage is how Beverley ended up with the shoe. Part of the fault appears to lie with Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry.

Anthony Davis didn’t seem to be bothered by Patrick Beverley’s shenanigans. (Getty)
Anthony Davis didn’t seem to be bothered by Patrick Beverley’s shenanigans. (Getty)

When Davis tossed the shoe off the court, it landed near Gentry. The camera then cut away. The next time we saw the shoe, it was headed to the Clippers bench in Beverley’s hand.

What’s up, Alvin Gentry?

Did Gentry not see fit to protect the shoe of the most valuable young asset in the NBA?

Better question: Why did Gentry not see fit to call a timeout so the most valuable young asset in the NBA didn’t risk slipping and injuring himself playing with just a sock on his right foot? Did he not remember DeMarcus Cousins suffering a potentially career-altering injury to his Achilles tendon playing for the Pelicans last season?

Does he not think that having Davis’ back is a good idea as rumors swirl of his eventual departure to Los Angeles?

All part of Beverley’s process

These are probably things that master troll Beverley thought through when he decided stealing Davis’ shoe was worth the inevitable technical foul.

His efforts were to no avail as Davis was back on the court with both shoes making silly plays like this shortly after the shoe incident.

The bucket didn’t count, but was still fun to watch.

Davis, who didn’t appear to be bothered by Beverley’s shenanigans, went on to a huge night, logging 46 points and 16 rebounds in a 121-117 Pelicans win.

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