Patrick Beverley says Bulls aren't tanking this season

Patrick Beverley says Bulls aren't tanking: 'Hell no' originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Chicago Bulls won't be tanking for a lottery pick.

At least that's what Patrick Beverley, the newest Bull set to join the team, said on his podcast.

"No. Hell, no. They didn't bring me here to tank," Beverley said on his podcast.

Resurrecting his hometown team's season and bringing them to the playoffs is the mission.

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"I figured I can make a playoff push with the Bulls right now and kind of pop them up a little bit," Beverley added. "The East kind of weak. You feel me? You know, not to disrespect anybody in the East, but a lot of people went to the West."

Beverley picked his hometown team over the Golden State Warriors, the defending NBA champions.

"If you think I went hard for other teams, just imagine how I'm gonna go hard for this one," Beverley noted.

Currently the Bulls are 11th in the East, just outside the play-in spots. They sit two games back of the Toronto Raptors for 10th place

They have one game left against the Raptors in Toronto on the final day of February.

The Bulls are 6.5 games back from the sixth-seed, which is a guaranteed playoff spot.

The Bulls need a spark and have struggled with their identity with Lonzo Ball's extended absence due to injury.

Beverley could provide that spark and edge.

"You know me, I'm going to be be on Zach LaVine's ass," Beverley said. "I'mma give him all the energy he needs. Destroy people. Me and DeMar DeRozan, we good. I got a popping five in Nikola Vučević.

"I'm excited, man. I'm excited."

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