Patrick Beverley reveals he requested a trade from the Lakers

Patrick Beverley reveals he requested a trade from Lakers originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

On the day of the NBA trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers traded Patrick Beverley to the Orlando Magic, giving them cash considerations and a future second-round pick to acquire the veteran guard.

Beverley was at the tail end of a one-year $8 million contract with the Lakers and a future buyout from the Magic of said contract. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, one could assume the Lakers were jettisoning Beverley and rewarding the Magic for buying out his lucrative deal.

According to Beverley, however, that's not how it went down.

"To some people, it can be that, 'Pat Bill got traded' when in all reality it was like I didn't like what was going on," Beverley said on his podcast, The Pat Bev podcast. "And let's find a better home for me. Not that 'He ain't good enough. Let's get rid of him.'

"All that s--t was my decision. So you gotta think. I'm making a decision that was my decision. They honor my request. But, at the same time, out of my request, I'm sitting here without a home."

Eventually, Beverley found a home in the form of his hometown in Chicago. He signed with the Bulls on a minimum deal for the rest of the season, earning ~$800,000 for his services in the last 20-some games.

With a transaction like Beverley's into the buyout market, plenty of assumptions surround the Lakers' intentions with their starting point guard. Beverley decided to put them to rest, countering his intentions to be traded at the deadline.

In his account, the trade resulted in a double-edged sword. The Lakers honored his request, trading him before the deadline. But, he was sent to the buyout market without a home.

"It just hit a little different," Beverley said. "But, you know, I'm solid as they come. My mental toughness is strong as they come. I done survived Chicago. I can survive a waiting period of, waiting for change to call me and all that."

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He did survive. And some may say he's thrived with the Bulls already.

In two games with the Bulls, he's helped the team win both games. He took over the starting point guard spot immediately upon arrival. And he's had a positive effect on the floor, proving his ability to help control the game and receiving countless praise from his teammates.

Before he hit the ground running with the Bulls, as Beverley indicated, there was a short period of uncertainty amid the Magic buying out his contract. But, he ascertained things will always find a way to work out for him in the end.

"But it worked out. And for me it always does. It always does," Beverley said.

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