Patrick Beverley is impressed with LeBron James’ basketball IQ

For many years, LeBron James has had a reputation for having a very high basketball IQ. In fact, some regard him as a basketball genius.

It’s one thing to read or hear people around the NBA praise him or even to watch him play or compete against him. But it’s another thing entirely when one is fortunate enough to be his teammate and witness his abilities firsthand every day.

That’s the boat veteran guard Patrick Beverley was placed in when he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers several weeks ago.

During training camp this week, he has been very impressed with the four-time MVP and how much easier he makes things on the rest of his team.

Via Lakers Daily:

“He recently spoke about being impressed by James’ basketball IQ throughout the first days of training camp.

“‘It’s just high-IQ basketball, knowing angles, knowing screening angles,’ Beverley said. ‘One thing I have learned about him, you see him throughout the game, elite passer, probably one of the best to ever do it from his height, his size.’

“‘So, just knowing where the screen angles, knowing when to roll. You look out, the ball gon’ be right there on your chest. I mean, that’s just the nature of the business when you play with LeBron James.'”

Beverley has been a very dependable, if not an excellent 3-point shooter over the years, as he boasts a career accuracy of 37.8 percent from downtown.

He will likely see the best looks he has ever gotten on a consistent basis this season now that he’s playing alongside James.


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Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire