Patrick Beverley fined $30K for comments following T-Wolves win

The Minnesota Timberwolves guard was fined in part for these comments following Tuesday night's win over the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA Play-In Tournament.

Video Transcript

PATRICK BEVERLEY: We'll try to sound real humble, but I know-- you know, that's going to leave in about two seconds. But we played a real good team, well-coached. Obviously, there's emotion behind it-- you know, a former team. Man, I wanted this so bad. I wanted this one so bad.

This is just the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, play-in, to be able to beat them. I mean, it's another goal scratched off. I told you we was going to the playoffs. Everybody, most of y'all, y'all looked at me like I was crazy when I first said that. I [BLEEP] told y'all.

- What did you say to your old teammates at the end there when you were standing in front of the bench?

PATRICK BEVERLEY: Take they [BLEEP] home. Long flight to LA. Take that [BLEEP] home.


PATRICK BEVERLEY: You know, it's [? deeper than ?] that for me, you understand? I gave my blood and sweat and tears to that organization. I mean, you guys know the story, especially you-- blood, sweat, and tears.

To just be written off like that-- you know, aw, he's injury prone. He's old, this, this, that, that. To be able to come here, play them in the play-in, beat their [BLEEP]-- no other feeling, man, no other feeling.