Patrice Bergeron in a Shark sandwich for clever new Visa ad (Video)

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Boston Bruins center Patrice Bergeron is, perhaps, one of the NHL’s most unappreciated treasures. Sure, we throw Selke trophies at him like wedding day rice – or bubbles, for the ornithologically conscious – but he’s an all-time great player who also happens to be a bit of a low-key goofball off the ice.

So it’s with much glee that we see Bergeron as the funny guy in this new commercial for Visa’s express Visa Checkout payment service for any Air Canada flight, with San Jose Sharks forwards Joe Pavelski and Logan Couture as the straight men in this act.

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Take a gander:

Here it is in the language of love:

Hey, that was funny!

And it managed to hit on the only really sellable thing about hockey in North America to casual fans, which is how much Canada and American loathe each other in the sport.

As a sidebar, this commercial continues to great tradition of hockey players needing to wear their gear in ads because no one knows what the hell hockey players look like outside of their kits. Well, unless they’re wearing a Tim Horton’s uniform.

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