Patience a virtue for 49ers in 2024 draft

There’s certainly a world where the 49ers get aggressive and start flying up the board in this year’s draft. Having patience may wind up being a better path forward for them though given where their roster stands and some of the needs they have beyond their starting 22 on offense and defense. Patience may be a better avenue for them this year, especially if they’re looking to build out another Super Bowl contender in a new Super Bowl window beyond the one they’re currently operating in.

NFL Media draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah is on board with a patient approach for the 49ers given how deep this year’s class is at some key positions. While the 31st overall pick may keep them from landing a blue chip talent at a premium position, it will also give them a chance to add quality depth in  areas their roster is lacking without trading up.

“I mean, they’ve got a nice haul of picks here. If they want to move up, they absolutely have the ammunition to do so,” Jeremiah said Wednesday in a conference call. “I just think when you look at the needs that they have and some of the different areas that they could go, if you’re thinking about corners and edge rushers, maybe you miss out on the top tier. Interior offensive linemen, grabbing a wide receiver if they want one. I still
think there will be a quality corner there, personally, even though some of the
top guys might go. I don’t really see them in a position where they need to do

“I think this is more filling out your roster, getting a layer of depth. They have the stars in place so I don’t think they’re in a position where they have a must, ‘hey, we’ve got to get up there. We must get this accomplished.’ I
don’t feel like they’re in that spot here. I think they can be a little more patient
than that.”

The 49ers’ front office is one that won’t hesitate to move up when it finds a player it likes. It’ll also climb up to attack a very obvious, glaring need. They may or may not feel that way about their offensive tackle situation, but it’s clear they can come away from the 2024 draft with a successful haul without a major move up the board.

Sitting and waiting may be tough given how close the team is to getting over the hump for a Super Bowl, but the potential long-term gain would be worth that patience.

Story originally appeared on Niners Wire