Pat Shurmur: Daniel Jones is learning, we won’t go back to Eli Manning

Michael David Smith

The last time Eli Manning was benched as the Giants’ starting quarterback, in 2017, it lasted just one game before coach Ben McAdoo was fired, Geno Smith went back to the bench, and Manning went back to the field.

In 2019, there’s no chance of that.

Giants coach Pat Shurmur was asked today, after Daniel Jones threw an interception, took eight sacks and fumbled three times, whether he would consider a quarterback change. Shurmur insisted he will not.

“No. I think Daniel’s going to learn from everything that’s going on,” Shurmur said, “Just like all the other rookies that are playing are going to learn from the things that happen. But you have to learn and you have to win games. I’m well aware of that. Totally well aware of that.”

The Giants won their first two games with Jones as the starting quarterback, but they’ve now lost three in a row. Shurmur says Jones has to learn and win games, but at the moment he’s only doing one of those things. Then again, they weren’t winning any games when Manning was starting, either.

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