Pat Riley in June — Trading Beasley for cap space 'won't happen'

In 70 years, when we're all breathing artificial air in space and traveling by spacepods to and from various spaceparks in neighboring spacehoods, the Internet will have record of all the silly things we said back in the early 21st century. Just like that guy who said "Avatar" would never come out because the proper technology didn't exist, we'll all look back on the things we said and laugh at our naivety. It will be a jolly good time and we will celebrate our jokes with a ceremonial spacebean that provides us every bit of nutrition we need for a month.

This should be the future, but in the hyper-accelerated culture we live in, parts of that totally realistic prediction are already coming true. Namely, the Internet already serves as a very effective "make people look silly" device. Whether it be LeBron James(notes) saying he'd never chase a ring or anything Bill Simmons says in a draft diary, there are hundreds of instances of someone saying something, only to have that saying come back and make them into a fool.

Rarely is the turn-around so quick as in Pat Riley's case. Check out what he told the South Florida Sun Sentinel's Ira Winderman on June 25, just before he landed LeBron James and Chris Bosh(notes) in the biggest free-agency haul of all-time.

In the wake of a bold move by the Chicago Bulls at Thursday's NBA Draft to create enough salary-cap space to add two top-tier free agents, Miami Heat President Pat Riley downplayed the notion of his team plotting to sign three maximum-level free agents.

"I want to build a team, and it takes five guys to build a team, and whatever kind of room we created, it's to build a team," Riley stressed early Friday morning, after selecting three players in the second round, the team's lone draft choices.

With the Heat already having cleared enough salary-cap space to re-sign star guard Dwyane Wade(notes) and another maximum-level free agent, Riley then created additional cap space by trading guard Daequan Cook(notes) and a first-round draft pick Wednesday to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That presented the opportunity for the Heat to potentially open a third maximum-salary slot with a trade of 2008 No. 2 overall draft pick Michael Beasley(notes).

Riley, however, denied numerous reports that his team spent Thursday trying to move Beasley during the draft.

"That's not going to happen," Riley insisted of potentially selling Beasley off for additional cap space. "We are not that desperate for room, to trade the second pick in the draft.

"We want to build around him."

Fast forward 13 days and what's going on with the Heat? Three max players, a Michael Beasley trade and the beginnings of a team — nice one, Patty. Whoops, that's the exact opposite of what he said, though Michael Beasley was technically traded after LeBron made his choice, so maybe we can let that one slide. Or not. Either way this is funny.

League rules mandate that management can't speak about another team's free agents, lest they be charged with tampering, so that makes sense why Riley wouldn't say anything about wanting to get three max players. Furthermore, openly shopping Beasley would kill his trade value. And even furthermore, we could pull out piece after piece of teams using misdirection so other franchises won't know what they're planning. But still, Riley denying exactly what happened two weeks later is pretty gangster. A real Pat Riley kind of move.

But now that you've seen this, his "I'm not gonna coach this team" act isn't quite so convincing, is it? Didn't think so.