Pat Fitzgerald: Targeting call might be 'worst call I have ever seen'

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Is this targeting? (ESPN)
Is this targeting? (ESPN)

If you were watching the Music City Bowl and wondering how the heck Northwestern linebacker Paddy Fisher got ejected for targeting, you’re not alone.

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald thinks it was a bad call too. Really bad.

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Fisher was ejected near the end of the second quarter for this hit.

(Via ESPN)
(Via ESPN)

If we’re going with a strict interpretation of the rule, sure, it could be targeting because the top of Fisher’s helmet was the first to make contact. But he’s trying to tackle a jumping runner. How else could he have made a tackle in this case? Where is his head supposed to go?

The first half was a disastrous display by the Pac-12 officiating crew calling the game. In addition to the targeting call, Kentucky running back Benny Snell was ejected and the Wildcats from Kentucky received four personal foul penalties.

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