Party off: Cowboys talked to Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott about breaking stay-at-home coronavirus orders

Presumably, the Dallas Cowboys don’t want two of their biggest stars — or anyone else, really — coming down with COVID-19.

So when TMZ had a story that quarterback Dak Prescott broke stay-at-home rules due to coronavirus and hosted a birthday party for a friend, with 30 guests including running back Ezekiel Elliott, the team took note.

The Cowboys say it won’t happen again.

Cowboys talk to Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott

Stephen Jones, the team’s executive vice president and son of owner Jerry Jones, said in an interview with 105.3 The Fan that the Cowboys have talked to both players.

“We’ve certainly have communicated with Dak and Zeke, and I think they are certainly aware now of how sensitive these situations are. And I don’t think you’ll be seeing that anymore,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News.

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It’s not the first time Prescott has been seen not practicing social distancing. He has been working out with former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, taking group photos afterward.

“They are certainly guys we have the utmost respect for, and I certainly know they understand the sensitivity of the situation we’re in today,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan. “It’s certainly very serious, and certainly know they understand.”

They certainly didn’t seem to understand last week, but a reminder from the team might help.

The Cowboys would be happy if Dak Prescott (4) and Ezekiel Elliott (21) stayed away from each other for a while.
The Cowboys would be happy if Dak Prescott (4) and Ezekiel Elliott (21) stayed away from each other for a while. (AP/Ron Jenkins)

Prescott denies throwing party, insists it was a home dinner

Prescott issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon about the incident, and insisted that he didn’t throw a party on Friday night.

Instead, he said, it was a home dinner with fewer than 10 people present.

“I understand and accept that there are additional responsibilities and media scrutiny that come with being an NFL quarterback, but it is very frustrating and disappointing when people provide completely inaccurate information from anonymous sources, especially now,” Prescott said in a statement, via USA Today. “To set the record straight — I know that we all need to do our best to socially distance and like everyone else, I am continuing to adjust to what that requires, but the truth is that I was with fewer than 10 people for a home dinner — not a party — on Friday night.

“I am very sensitive to the challenges we are all facing and making sure to support the first responders and medical personnel and everyone else putting in long hours. We are all at a time when we need to keep educating ourselves about the importance of health and isolation during this pandemic and I will continue to make sure to do my part by following the guidelines until we are approved to start returning to normal activities.”

Prescott could skip virtual offseason

This is a strange offseason, and especially so for Prescott. He has the franchise tag instead of a long-term deal, and as a result he might not be joining the team for its virtual offseason workout program. Only in 2020.

Prescott isn’t under contract — he hasn’t signed the tag — and therefore the Cowboys can’t compel him to participate. Jones said he did not know if Prescott would participate in the offseason program.

At this point, the Cowboys would probably be happy if Prescott just stayed at home without any company joining him.

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