‘Part-time golfer, full-time father’: Tony Finau caddied for his kids hours after winning the Mexico Open

Tony Finau cleaned house in Mexico last week.

Not only did he win the Mexico Open at Vidanta for his sixth PGA Tour title, he took it to his kids on the par-3 course at Vidanta Vallarta throughout the week, too.

“It was a good all-around week in golf for me,” Finau said in his press conference Tuesday ahead of the 2023 Wells Fargo Championship.

Finau is one of the stars highlighting the field of the latest designated event, this one coming at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. And although Finau hasn’t had much success in the tournament, he’s coming in having won four of his last 18 starts and playing the best golf of his career.

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However, it’s a video captured Sunday night that drew attention from the golf community.

Finau was seen playing The Lakes Course, a par-3 layout with lights just down the road from Vidanta Vallarta, carrying golf bags for his sons, Jraice and Sage. This coming just hours after he won a PGA Tour event.

“I’m kind of a part-time golfer, full-time father, that’s kind of my thing,” Finau said. “My kids are only young once, and my boys are only young once. I want to make sure I’m there for them as much as possible. That’s also why I have them travel with me. It’s pretty dang cool that we’re able to share that special moment on the golf course having won the tournament, but then shooting straight over to the par 3 and then having that time with them was a lot of fun.”


Finau’s son Jraice is making a name for himself on the course, but Sage, his second-youngest child, just recently took a liking to golf.

Finau said he let Sage hit a putt during the Masters Par 3 Contest, and he made it. Ever since, Sage has been constantly badgering dad to go and play.

The family was out on the par-3 course nearly every night, and it just so happened that the video of Finau carrying his son’s clubs was caught Sunday.

“It was just cool to cap off an amazing week with my boys and be on the golf course,” Finau said. “I fell in love with the game of golf playing evening golf with my dad and my brother and it brings back memories that are just unforgettable. Hopefully my boys are enjoying it like I was when I was a kid, just being with my dad and my brother.


“It’s just special to be with them, no matter what. If I would have finished second, I would have been with them still. My boys were counting on me, and that’s something that I take pride in just as a father. ”

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek