Part 1 of interview with Brock Vierra of Rams Wire on 2024 NFL draft

I recently sat down with Brock Vierra to discuss college and pro football with a USC flavor. Vierra is an NFL draft Analyst, host of the “College Football Forecast” podcast, and a Rams Wire contributor. I talked to him in a lengthy and detailed interview which examined all things college football and USC.

Trojans Wire: What are your thoughts on Caleb Williams in the NFL in 2024?

Vierra: Williams will be just fine as long as he goes to a team that has a competent coaching staff and front office. Willliams’ deficiencies stem from the offense he plays in and the fact that Williams always had to play hero ball to make up for the Trojans’ defensive struggles. He will adjust to the NFL just fine.

Trojans Wire: USC safety Calen Bullock was one of the only bright spots on the Trojans’ defense. Do you think he translates well at the next level?

Vierra: Calen Bullock plays with the clean, violent intensity that you desire in a safety. The problem with him stems from his genetic makeup. I have some major questions about his size and height.

I have him listed as a Day 2 pick who will probably fall into the third round. I think his projection is a decent starter in the NFL, but his size gives me major concerns into how injury prone Bullock might become.

Trojans Wire: Is there any 2024 USC prospect in the front seven of the defense that excites you?

Vierra: Unfortunately no. I think there’s potential in Bear Alexander, but the defense has so many issues, I personally don’t have enough info to have excitement about these prospects. A defense as bad as USC’s this year does not produce any positives for me to pluck from.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire