Parsons to be 'even more dominant' as full-time DE

Mike Florio and Myles Simmons examine the ways in which Micah Parsons will be an even bigger threat for the Cowboys’ pass rush as a full-time DE, after adding weight this offseason.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: Better, worse, same as it relates to Micah Parsons. Thank you. The Cowboys do-it-all defender who can rush the passer, play in coverage, go tackle anybody who comes his way. He says he's adding weight so he can be a full-time defensive end in 2023. So he's getting closer to contract time and he knows, linebackers one level, pass rushers another level.

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The prospect of Micah Parsons as a full-time defensive end in 2023, does that make the pass rush in Dallas better, worse, or the same? And how stupid is that question because I think it makes it-- you put that guy at pass rush full time, I think it makes it better.

MYLES SIMMONS: Slightly better, but kind of about the same, because if you look, I mean, look, Micah Parsons already had the most pressures on that team. So it's not like in known passing situations he was dropping back, right? Dan Quinn's not an idiot. You don't put the best player-- you don't put your best pass rusher in a dropback situation in known passing situations. That's not good scheme if you do that.

So, I mean, I think it makes them about the same, but maybe a little bit better because he's talking about putting on that good weight. But like you said, Mike, I mean, he's getting into contract time. He's one of those guys that next year as a first round pick, yeah, we're going to say, it's a formality, but the Dallas Cowboys are picking up his fifth-year option.

But also they're going to be deep probably in contract negotiations for a new deal because he's just one of those guys that plays a premium position and plays it so well that he's going to be in line for new money. Kind of like Trevor Lawrence we expect next year at about this time.


MIKE FLORIO: Yeah, and it is wild to see. One of the points I made last night when I wrote something up about the fifth-year options that were exercised for the 2020 draft class, none of those guys have gotten second contracts yet, other than Jordan Love, who really didn't get a second contract, he just got this Band-Aid that simulates the fifth-year option. Nobody's gotten their reward.

Burrow hasn't gotten it. Herbert hasn't gotten it. I'd say by this time next year, good chance you're going to see Trevor Lawrence have his. Micah Parsons have his. And yeah, full time defensive end, I think the pass rush becomes better. I agree with you they did use him extensively already.

We saw the numbers, but if he's there all the time, all the time, and he's focusing on that all the time, he's not balancing different skill sets, I think he's going to be even better and we're going to see an even more dominant presence than we have from Micah Parsons so far in his career.