Parkland father, neighbors stand up to armed robbers

PARKLAND, Wash. — A Parkland father is out of the hospital after he was shot in the mouth by armed robbers Friday morning.

Matthew Phillips was on his way to take his daughter, Bailey, to day care. He said a man with an AR-15 style rifle came from behind an RV and held a rifle to the back window of the truck where his daughter was sitting. He said the man asked for money. Once the man went to the driver’s side of the truck, Phillips said he was able to get the rifle away from the guy. But things progressed quickly.

“And by the time I had it in gear, he was in front of me. He told me to stop. I put it in reverse, he then fired at the truck. Three rounds,” Phillips said.

“One hit me. ... I took one to the mouth,” Phillips said.

His sister, Chelsea Logan, said it was a horrifying situation for her and the entire family.

“We got married in February and he was the flower girl in Vegas. That’s my brother and mine’s relationship. And if I would have lost him, a chunk of me would have went with him,” Logan said.

“Had it not ricocheted ... he wouldn’t be here,” Logan said.

Even after being shot, Phillips kept fighting off the 20-year-old man.

“The bullet came and hit me in the face. And I knew I’d been hit, but there was no ... I need to do something now,” Phillips said.

“All I could think of was my daughter. You’re not getting up. You’re not taking this gun,” Phillips said.

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Phillips was able to pin the man down on the ground and get a hold of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. Neighbors also stepped in and helped with the situation, but a 17-year-old girl had taken the rifle out of his truck and was threatening him.

“She pulled that gun out. The officer told her to stop. She pulled it out. Pointed it right at the police officer. The officer said drop your weapon now,” Phillips said.

She cooperated with deputies and put the weapon down. Both the man and girl were taken into custody.

Phillips is thankful for his neighbors stepping in to help him and his daughter.

“And to have somebody rush and come help me when I needed it ... that was awesome. Kevin, he’s a good guy,” Phillips said.

“And I am very thankful that my daughter is still here,” Phillips said.

Phillips has stitches on his tongue and is missing a few teeth. He is expected to recover and receive new teeth soon. His family is helping him move out of the area after what happened. To help him and his family, click here to donate.