Park ranger goes fishing in Yellowstone geyser, but not for fish

As a tour group in Yellowstone National Park approached the Excelsior Geyser, it came upon the unusual sight of a park ranger with a fishing rod casting into the steaming spring pool as tourists looked on.

Darcy Lagana, a guide for Yellowstone Teton Tours, captured video of the park ranger as he made casts in an attempt to hook an errant hat.

“It’s very common for hats to fly off there, but usually they just use a grabber, although they will always do what they’ve gotta do,” Lagana told USA Today/For The Win Outdoors, adding that the ranger retrieved the hat on the third try.

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In the photo, you can see another ranger holding a grabber.

Incidentally, the geyser is dormant, which is why the boardwalk and deck are so close to the steaming spring pool.


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Story originally appeared on For The Win