Parents stir controversy after rejecting son’s ‘simple’ privacy request

A father put his foot down when his son begged for a bedroom door lock. He took to Reddit's "Am I the A******" for advice. His stepson Joshua is always taking things from his birth son Scotty . Scotty became fed up when Joshua broke some of his stuff. When Scotty's birth mother sent him a lock for his door, the father refused to let him use it. His current wife also said that his ex-wife was "overstepping to send locks" to their house. "Scotty said he was done with Joshua taking and breaking his stuff and begged me to say something to convince my wife to let him keep the lock," the man said. "I told him my wife was right in that it was disrespectful of his mom to send a lock to our house. Scotty threw a fit, calling me terrible" . Reddit users thought the father was in the wrong here. "Son deserves privacy, and a lock is a simple solution," a person wrote